Предлоги в английском языке в картинках

prepositions of position

Предлоги (prepositions) в английском языке делятся на три основные группы:

Предлоги времени (in, on, at)



Предлоги места (on, above, over, in front of, beside, below, under, behind)

prepositions of position


Предлоги направления (across, araund, away from, down, into, over, up и тд)

perposition of direction



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  1. Our studies begin (in, on, at) autumn.
  2. My elder brother is a doctor. He often comes home late (in, on, at) night.
  3. The students are listening (for, at, to) a new text now.
  4. Take the book (out of, from) the shelf and show it (for, to) me.
  5. Which (of, from) the houses is yours?
  6. I think you can get there (on, by, in) bus.
  7. What is he afraid (of, by, at)?
  8. Don’t turn (on, off, in) the radoio. Father is working.
  9. I asked the librarian to show some books (for, to, -) me.
  10. Some (-, of, from) my friends are coming to see me tonight.
  11. What do you usually do (at, in, on) your English lessons?
  12. (At, in, on) Saturday I am (in, at, -) home at (at, in) 3.
  13. I live (in, at, on) Pushkina Street not far (from, of) the Institute of Foreign Languages.
  14. I’m (on, at, in) a hurry. John is waiting (to, at, for) me (in, at) the Institute.
  15. Would you like some coffee (to, by, for) breakfast?



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