Как не перепутать директора с его принципами.

Rubber stamp with word confused inside, vector illustrationRubber stamp with word confused inside, vector illustration
«Advice» or «advise»? «Farther» or «further»? «Principal» or «principle»? Легко перепутать слова, которые звучат, пишутся и означают примерно одно и то же. Давайте проясним некоторые ситуации.

Даже самый образованный «Native Speaker» не может избежать конфуза.

Посмотрите на эти предложения и догадайтесь, какое слово из двух не подходит.

  1. She worked harder (than, then) she had ever worked before.
  2. If I had known your number, I would (have, of) called.
  3. The bingo game has (all ready, already) started.
  4. (Whose, Who’s) shorts are hanging from the flagpole?
  5. Justin has (alot, a lot) of problems.
  6. The program changes will not (affect, effect) you.
  7. What is your (principal, principle) reason for moving to Chicago?
  8. (Whose, Who’s) hiding in your closet?
  9. Last year Becky (lead, led) the league in goals.
  10. Get your facts first, and (than, then) you can distort them as much as you please.
  11. The (affects, effects) of climate change are already appearing in places from Miami to Alaska.
  12. There cannot be a crisis next week: my schedule is (all ready, already) full.
  13. Computers are being called on to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework (formally, formerly) eaten by the dog.
  14. Kate (implied, inferred) that she had a good alibi, but Jack (implied, inferred) otherwise from her nervous behavior.
  15. Critics are predicting that the TV series CSI won’t last much longer because (fewer, less) people are watching it these (days, daze).

Ответы ищите ниже.

DOCTOR WHO -- "Love and Monsters" Episode 210 -- Pictured: David Tennant as The Doctor -- SCI FI Channel Photo: BBC/Adrian Rogers

  1. than
  2. have
  3. already
  4. Whose
  5. a lot
  6. affect
  7. principal
  8. Who’s
  9. led
  10. then
  11. effects
  12. already
  13. formerly
  14. implied; inferred
  15. fewer; days
  16. device; your
  17. conscious; too; to
  18. Quiet; proceeded
  19. there; may be
  20. loose; have

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